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Written by Sue-Ann on Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Word of the week – January 29, 2013

Thanks everyone for watching the show this week. It is an honour to assist you through the Divine in resolving your problems. I appreciate all the positive feedback so much.

The word of the week is… Wish

Consider this for a moment….how many times in a day do you hear the word wish. I wish I could afford that….I wish I could have that….I wish he/she would call me…I wish I could live like that…I wish I could have that luck…..I wish I could win the lottery….. honestly how many times have I heard that one…..if I had a penny for every time, I too would be a millionaire…but think about it for a minute how would you finish that sentence…”I wish I could……” Most people will identify what they desire and dream of. They will step outside what they know to be their day-to-day and stretch their imagination ….sometimes it will arrive spontaneously and for others the wish will come from a long standing frustration….. to hope and dream for something outside of what is normally being achieved. Sometimes we are wishing for what would be the perceived unattainable….sometimes wishing for change that is born more from a sense of hopelessness than that of hope…. We have all had those moments where we are wishing for circumstances different from those that we are experiencing at that moment. It is a go to word that gets you outside the stress that you are sitting in….I wish they wouldn’t treat me that way is just one common example where wishing becomes really quite a passive word in some ways…wishing will hold us hostage in our circumstances. Wishing and working towards resolution are completely different things. Sometimes the wish is avoiding what is right in front of you….. Wishing will interfere with hope and cloud resolution. Hope leads you to faith and faith gives you the emotional strength to keep working towards resolution.

Wishing can also create whimsy and hope for potential of some magical realm where desires go to manifest into reality and appear before us as a surprise. The word wish can be a solve all…if you got your wish…… then what.

Why is it then that people are generally more comfortable with making a wish than sending up a prayer to the divine asking for real assistance with their wants. I believe that part of it is because we are always having an internal battle with what we want and what we need.

Consider asking yourself this week. First of all…”If I could have a wish….what would it be”…then “what could I do to make this wish come true?” Take the time to identify if your wish is emotionally based or materially based. It is an interesting observation to see how much of your desire lies within the material world. Then take a moment to acknowledge and identify those wishes that are of an emotional nature. Is your material world holding you back from resolving your emotional needs. Consider it.

It is a fun visualization to go to the land of wishes…what would that look like to you…what would exist there….how would it make you feel. It is the kind of visualization that is very emotionally uplifting. I encourage you to give it a try.

But in the end…as it always is…we need to come back to reality but what you dream in the land of wishes could assist you in redefining your reality as you know it.


Blessings and Wishes,