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I am grateful for all the wonderful people I meet doing psychic work. These are what some of my clients have had to say:

Absolutely mind-blowing. Sue Ann is the real deal. I would not trust another with a reading about my life. Best money I ever spent. She knew me inside out, my past, present and (hopefully) future. Please go get a reading with her, as you won't be disappointed. Will be going back to her. A++++++


Your words touched my heart and I'm very appreciative. You talent is truly remarkable, and I'm still in awe.


Hello Sue-Ann. I just wanted to thank you for the phenominal reading you gave me this past Saturday. It was life changing for me and really helped me to cope with loss; understand my path and deal with things moving forward. Your reading also more than likely saved my marriage nevermind that it helped me release guilt and reconnect with my Guides. I am so very grateful,


Thanks for the great and fine advice I have received from your Guides over the years. Indeed, there were many times I feel I could not have made it over this washboard called life without their input. I have been a professional medium for many years and never have I known a fellow psychic of your calibre. Thank you for all that you have done for me.

Veronica W.
Pennsylvania, USA

Hi Sue-Ann,

I wanted to send an email to you to thank you! I can't express how much you helped me today. You were just what I needed. I am so glad I forced myself out of bed to meet with you. I realize I have some more sadness to go through, but I left smiling and with a positive attitude. It was as though you were reading my mind. So incredibly accurate regarding the situation and people involved. I cannot thank you enough. You were so kind and gentle with me, yet told me the truth. It's what I needed to hear! I will be in touch soon!

Toronto, Ontario

Hello Sue-Ann:

I would like to thank you for your reading today. It was MY PLEASURE to meet you. I felt a spiritual connection to you, with you, as corny as that sounds. Thank you for the star pendant with believe in miracles! I feel like you have perhaps nudged the door open a bit in my psychic being. Thank you for that as that was my birthday wish for myself last Dec for this years' journey. I hope that answers will come to me in clarity from spirit when I do this on the gift you bestowed me. Like you've lit my torch with the power and light of your torch.
Thank you!

Toronto, Ontario

Thanks for giving me my life back!

Jan. B.
Oshawa, Ontario

...Sometimes I wish I carried you in my back pocket to refer to whenever I needed direction. Amazing how an hour with you has changed the course of my life. You are really lucky to be able to give this gift to others and I really cannot thank you enough.

Sandra B.
Pickering, Ontario

Thanks for everything, you have been a tremendous help. I did what my guides said and I am feeling much better now. It is amazing the detail you get about me and my circumstances at such a distance and over the phone.....

Crystal M.

I met Sue-Ann, she was recommended by a good friend of mine who had already gotten a reading and was blown away. I was overwhelmed by her presence - she sat down and litterally blew my mind. She know things that no other person especially her would have known, my childhood, relationships, everything she said was dead on and came true. The most profound thing was her ability to really see me and communicate messages to me that helped me in everything. But--the most amazing thing she did was literally save my friend Beverly's life. She told me that someone either myself or someone close to me would have a tubal pregnancy. Days later I was talking to Bev who had just begun to suffer in that area and remebered what Sue-Ann had told me. I told my friend to go to the hospital and get it checked - she did. It was exactly as Sue-Ann had said and as a result she saved Beverly who was in a lot of danger and did not realize it. The doctors said that she was very lucky that she got there when she did!

Sue-Ann was right about my relationship, she was right about everything! I am blown away. I have seen many psychics and have abilities myself but she is UNBELIEVABLE! I highly recommend her - she is the best and I will be eternally grateful for the impact she has made on my life and the valuable insight she has given me. Sue-Ann was sent by God and I love her.

Natasha P.
Toronto, Ontario

The accuracy is outstanding! I've never heard anything like it - your guidance has helped me make some difficult decisions.

Julie F.
New Zealand

Just wanted to let you know that I came back to work from maternity leave pregnant (which wasn't planned) and we just found out that we're having a girl, which is everything you predicted!! I also wanted to let you know I tell everyone about you and always offer to forward on your contact information. You're the real deal!


Just wanted to say thank you.. thank you for showing me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You put a lot into perspective for me. I now know what I need to do to move on. I am working towards being my happy self again!


What a wonderful reading!! She answered my questions before I asked them. Very funny kind and insightful.. I can't wait to see her again.. Would highly recommend Sue-Ann to every one. A very gifted lady.


Sue-Ann is one of the warmest people I have ever had the pleasure of talking too. She not only knew exactly what was going on in my life, but also my family and even touched on allergies too!

Sue-Ann's guidance is a definite must when you may be unsure which way to go in your life..