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What Must I Do To Get Ready For My Psychic Reading?

I would suggest you write your questions down prior to coming for a psychic reading, as this simple step will establish clarity in your mind: it will clarify for you what knowledge or answers you may require at the reading. I would suggest, too, that when you formulate the questions, you do so on your own, without loving interference from family members or friends.

Some clients are seeking general information that is relevant to their current situations. At other times, though, sitters are looking for help in trying to resolve recurring situations and to identify blockages that may be preventing them from moving forward. Connection with a loved one who has passed into Spirit is sometimes all that is needed to give closure to those loved ones who remain here on the earth plane.

Frequently guidance and an understanding of how exactly to work with the divine unseen is needed to resolve the challenges and struggles that faces us all in this school called life. Clients may also ask for help in identifying and prioritizing a path so that they may, with my psychic assistance, develop a cohesive plan for their personal and spiritual growth. Assistance in defining one's psychic abilities and learning, too, how to develop them is a matter that arises quite frequently.

Knowing this will help you decide the types of questions you may want to ask and it will also identify your concerns so that you will be able to get even more out of your reading.

Psychic Readings in Person

To arrange for a psychic reading in person please e-mail me at Confirmation will be provided to you, either via telephone or email, prior to your appointment. All readings are 45 minutes in length and it is imperative that you be on time for your appointment. If for any reason you are unable to be here at the pre-set time, please contact me 24 hours prior to the reading so that you may be rescheduled without penalty. Should you be unable to let me know of your missed psychic reading at least 24 hours before, there will be a surcharge, at my discretion, of $30.00.

Psychic Readings by Telephone

To arrange a psychic reading by telephone please e-mail me at Kindly call at your pre-scheduled time: my phone number will be provided with the confirmation of your appointment. Psychic readings by phone are 45 minutes in length. Only a landline may be used, (cell phones can have and do experience disruption in service and this can be troublesome). If for any reason your call is disconnected, it is the responsibility of the sitter to call back in a reasonable length of time. If you are unable to accommodate your scheduled time, please contact me 24 hours prior to the reading so that you may reschedule without incurring a penalty of $30.00.

Psychic Readings by Email New Psychic Reading by Email

I have created this section because of the overwhelming number of requests that I get for quick answers via e-mail from both returning and new clients. This has become a very popular way of getting a reading done. If you have one question or would like all your questions answered this way this may be the option for you. You will receive a typed response to your questions via e-mail. It is my intention to respond to all e-mail requests within a 72 hour time frame as my schedule permits. It is convenient when you need a quicker response time to a pressing matter. If you require a picture of someone read it must be submitted with your questions in advance. Pricing is based on amount of questions that need response. For more information or to request an e-mail reading contact me at  and reference E-mail Reading in your subject line.

Psychic Party

To arrange for a psychic party please e-mail me at . A gathering of your friends or family for a psychic reading is always insightful and a rewarding experience for all. Readings can range from 15 to 30 minutes or be extended up to 45 minutes in length. The structure of each event varies. There is a minimum attendance requirement depending on the location of the event. Please contact me directly for further details.

Functions and Corporate Events

To arrange for a function or corporate event please e-mail me at I am available for all functions and events at a hourly rate. Please contact me directly with enquiries.