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Sue-Ann Bavlnka - Psychic in Oshawa, Ontario

Who I Am

Sue-Ann has been called to use her god-given psychic abilities to provide life guidance and to enable people from all walks of life to identify and remove those blockages that prevent them from living their best lives. These abilities have clearly and accurately demonstrated to her clients that, along with Sue-Ann's direct connection to God, people are capable of not only fixing problems, but of re-creating their very lives. Through her, the divine assists you to identify your core issues so that you can resolve exactly what it is that prevents you from living in love, peace, joy, health and abundance.

From the beginning, Sue-Ann knew that she was connected with God in an intimate way and has grown to be clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient. Sue-Ann is a lecturer and featured psychic on television. She has given successful guidance to both a local following and to many international clients as well. Sue-Ann's clients are astonished by the amount of information that she receives about them and their life's journey. The Local Biz Magazine has also welcomed Sue-Ann as their newest columnist writing the advice column entitled Ask Sue-Ann.

Sue-Ann is a wife and mother: She clearly understands the everyday trials and tribulations that people - people just like you - face every day. Her honesty, wisdom and her warm personality are very welcoming and discretion is assured. Sue-Ann has gratefully accepted all of her many gifts from the divine and is committed to accurately receive, and convey to you the truth precisely as she receives it.