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Written by Sue-Ann on Monday, March 11, 2013

The Word of the week – March 11, 2013

Thanks everyone for watching the show this week. It is an honour to assist you through the Divine in resolving your problems. I appreciate all the positive feedback so much.

So now before we start the show let’s address the word of the week…..which is Listen

This is a big word to consider this week….and you should sit and consider listening to what I have say about it…Quite often I will listen to individuals observations and complaints about the lack of listening and attentiveness that they experience in their day-to-day life. This is frustrating when you are experiencing that but what I would like you to consider before we even address that element of the word is are you listening to yourself first. Your inner thoughts, that deep inner voice that speaks to you every day. What is it saying and what are you going to do about it. Are you ignoring your inner voice and allowing your ego to control your outcome and what are you going to do about that? Let me qualify what I mean by that inner voice…. not the conversation that you have with your conscience I am talking about that small inner voice that is a part of your deep inner consciousness….that voice that knows the truth. The voice that is attached to the divine consciousness. The voice that you ignore when your ego rules and desires a different outcome than the inner consciousness. Those are some of the things we are addressing here each week. It is about listening to that voice with honesty and acknowledging what it is truly saying to you. This is that part of you that is attached to the Divine and I am told all the time that the feeling of disconnect from their higher power or divine source is concerning and the need to know the trick to connect is pressing. It’s is simple….pray….then Listen. After you have reviewed that element then take your thoughts to your outter world….What are you listening to on a day to day basis…what information are you allowing into your world and what effect is it having. Have you taken the time to identify those things that you listen to that bring you joy, peace and contentment…if you have… are you listening to it enough to maintain that state or has it slipped out of your life as some things quite often do. Use this then as a gentle reminder to bring those things into your life again so it is not a memory… but in your present. If you hear yourself saying “I used to really enjoy that”…stop and take a moment to first consider why did you take it out of your life and how do you get it back in. It is very revealing when we address how we have allowed joy to slip away.

If you are a parent and you have that issue that most of us have experienced at one time or another where you are attempting to get your children to listen to you and it feels more like you are listening to yourself and nobody else is giving you the attentiveness that you desire…stop for a moment and consider this…we get stuck communicating in the same ways and allow it to go on and on…if you do something 100 times the same way…how then will 101 be different…it is up to you to change it…stop for a moment and look at the situation around you and ask yourself this…are you doing all the talking and no listening…People will not listen if they do not feel like they will be heard in return…So ask yourself this…do you really want to be heard or control what the other person thinks or feels in that particular situation.

Another element that I will gently remind you of is …..are you taking the time to address and listen to your higher power. We send our prayers and requests and complaints up daily and often I will be told that they do not hear anything in return…or that they are not sure if it is them or something else. If you ask a question to another person…what doyou do…you sit and listen to their response. You don’t ask the question and then tell them how they will answer it. It is the same when you are conversing with your higher power. You send up the request and you don’t tell them how you would like it answered…what it will look like….how it will get to you…when it will come…you send up the question and then shhhhhh…listen and stay aware….the answer will find you in many different ways and it may not be the response you were looking for but an answer will come. All Prayers are answered and that is a fact…if you are going to have faith then have faith and keep moving. Listen to the inner and external voices and experience how your journey will change.

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I want to thank all of you who were patient and took the time to call in I hope that the divine assisted you today in resolving some of the questions you had regarding your life’s journey….and for those of you watching at home and found that today’s calls resonated with you in some way …please know that you were meant to be watching so that you to could find resolution. Remember that the word of the week is listen and if you want more information about that you can find it on my blog at Don’t hesitate to send those requests up to the divine….your angels are always listening but if you don’t ask for help then how can things change…but in keeping with the message of this week don’t forget to take the time to listen to all that goes on around you, your inner thoughts and messages from the divine….consider it….remember to remain grateful and willing to accept all good things coming your way. Thanks again for all of you who are joining me on Twitter . I am sending out a daily inspirational tweet to assist all of you and I welcome anyone who would like to friend me on facebook. Thank you everyone for all your support for the show and thank you for joining me this week…I pray that this week brings you closer to those people and situations that bring you all the blessings that you want for yourself…and I will be here next week to listen to any questions that you may have and see you next time on Divine Lane.