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Written by Sue-Ann on Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Word of the week – February 26, 2013

Thanks everyone for watching the show this week. It is an honour to assist you through the Divine in resolving your problems. I appreciate all the positive feedback so much.

The word of the week is… Detachment

I picked the word detachment because I find it to be a common problem within the human condition. The ability for people to put things down or detach themselves from relationships or situations that are inappropriate for them. There are two ways that I would like to approach this word for your consideration. The question that I would like you to ask yourself first of all is there something or someone in your life that you should consider detaching yourself from. Give your thoughts over to that for a moment and think about your day-to-day life. Are there also habits or behaviours that are interfereing with your life or your relationships with others that you should consider detaching yourself from. Is there someone in your present that is doing you more harm than good and it is time to detach or are there behaviours or beliefs that are not serving you well that you should consider taking personal responsibility for and start working towards detaching yourself from them. There is also that situation whereby you cannot in good conscience cut this person out of your life. An example of that would be a family member or long standing friendship. What I am suggesting is that the first step that you should consider is what your role and responsibility is in the situation or behaviour. Personal responsibility is key to begin resolution and healing. Then look at taking the steps to remove the drama from your life.

Another way to look at detachment is I find that quite often it is coming up that people are feeling detached from spirituality, love, friendship, success, resolution, just to name a few and I also find that it is very common for people feel that they are detached from their inner self and feel set adrift in life. Not knowing who they are, what they stand for or what they need let alone what they want. I hear it quite often that they don’t feel attached to the world around them or have any perceived control over their outcome. This is where I give you a gentle nudge towards your spirituality. It is a safe journey and very enlightening about self. Once again, quite often when spirituality is addressed it has been my experience that anger and disappointment comes up and creates a wall that prevents movement forward and spirituality is put down yet again. The question I am suggesting you ask yourself is…have you walked away from daily commitment to your spirituality because of popular opinion, the influence of someone close to you, or lack of connection to your divine leaving your feeling forgotten and unseen by your God and guardian angels or is it because you researched it and decided that it had no place in your life. I strongly suggest that you re-evaluate that part of your life from another perspective and go deeper into your understanding of that topic.

Overall detaching yourself from those situations, behaviours and beliefs that are no longer bringing you to resolution, peace, contentment, joy and love within your inner self….what your goal for all of this is to release all inappropriate thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, situations and people over to the divine for healing and to be returned to you in a healed state. Before that can happen though you need to take the time and do the work to consider and identify those things that you should detach yourself from. Once again I give that to you to think about.